Tuesday, September 12, 2006

All in a days work

My name is John Doe. I am an executive at Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmacutical, has lunch/meeting at Phoenix in Center City. Not having too much time to eat, I just order a Caesar salad with extra dressing. I had some extra time so I decide to take a walk back to his window office at GSK, on 16th St. Walking down 16 St., i happen to bump into an old college buddy. We chit chat for a sec, deciding to get together later on that night. After exchanging numbers, we gave each other a big manly hug and went their seperate ways. I turned away, realizing that i didnt have much time left on my break. I pick up the pace, having to turn down a homeless woman asking for some money for a cheeseburger. I ran passed the Bank of America, and realized that I didnt put the money in my sister's account, so that she could have her dog spaded. I began to trot tossing change up on the stan and grabbing a Philadelphia Inquirer. I quickly got back to my office and called my wife at home to check on her and tell her that I might be a lil late and that i bumped into an old friend and that we were meeting up later on. I had a few meetings when i got back to work so I was upset that i wouldnt get enough work done because i was scheduled to leave early today. I ended up having to stay a bit later than planned to finish up a few loose ends at the office. I rush home to his Chestnut St. delux apartment, where my 6 month pregnant wife, who I thought about all day, awaits me. I stopped at the bank to make a quick withdrawal for my irresponsible sister. I had already informed my wife that I was invited to go out for a couple of drinks with some of the guys, so for the next couple of hours I had to do a lot of errands for her... Can you get me some ice creams and pickles, go pick up dinner, can you maassage my feet... you know... weird pregnant woman stuff. By this point I was tired as hell and really didnt want to go out, but wifey told me that i should go and have fun, and she apologized for tiring me out with everything i had to do for her and she 'would make it' up to me when she could. So I quickly freshened up, hopped into his 2007 Range Rover Sport and proceed down to Trago's on 19th and Market, where th guys where all there and already kind of tipsy.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


hello world